Your a clown with a mop on your head, Erica to Lucy (Video)


The big brother naija housemates Erica and Lucy has engaged themselves in a heated argument on tusday night.

The war started when Lucy made a statement and Erica asked her to explain it to her own understanding and stop sobbing her in the house.

Lucy explained that there was no underlying message to her statement that made Erica angry.

Erica said to Lucy

“This is not first time you will be making statements about me but I decided to keep quiet.

“If you want to talk to me say it and stop subbing me before you carry mop on your head.

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“You probably have brain problems. You are always talking stupidly everyday. You have issues with people in the house because of the way you talk! Are you okay?! You’d better shut up.

“You carry Mop on your head like the stupid clown that you are.”

This is not the first time Lucy is having a fight with one of the housemates in the house.

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