Why Dwayne Johnson quit Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious

The first film “The Fast and The Furious” debuted in 2001 as an undercover cop film. It was a Paul Walker movie, in fact, it was a Paul Walker franchise until Vin Diesel somehow became the main character… 20 years later they’re astronauts apparently… this means that soon or later, the story is going where it wants, whenever it wants…. like what the hell happened…. Han’s alive now? GTFO, what a waste of previous story telling.

The original Fast and Furious and Tokyo Drift films should be the only ones that exist IMO. They focused on actual cars!

Oh yeah, if you still want to see a wrestler, they have John Cena portraying Dom’s brother now, Dom has a brother we didn’t know about until now the 9th movie.

You know they have to make a F&F 10 who stops at 9? I think they will exit the galaxy for good on that one.

But back to the Rock he is not fond of Vin Diesel I think it’s because the main character is still him when clearly it’s time for a change. like how Vin took Paul’s leading role. I think Vin forced F&F to keep him in the story until the franchise ends and Rock got frustrated that he never got to take the torch instead he got a spin off and that’s why he probably left… he doesn’t feel like “family” which is the whole theme of the franchise… which brings me right back to the total low class writing. Dom’s unknown brother? Really? And it’s John Cena? Really? F9 might kill the franchise before they make the 10th one.

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