What You Think About Ellen DeGeneres Recent Allegation


The Ellen DeGenegres Allegation

At a time where everything is being divulged and people are now coming forward with having to deal with stars who have overstepped their limit, this is very bad for Ellen.

When the pandemic was raging on, she decided to fire all her regular staff for her show and hire non-unionized workers. They were hired to fill the slot vacated by her regular staff to film her show at home due to the stay at home order.

She has been successful for awhile, but this litigation (if there is any) will surely get her fired or blacklisted in Tinsel town.

On top of that the executive producers of the Ellen show are embroiled in Sexual assault or misconduct. All of a sudden everything is falling apart for Ellen.

For awhile 13 years or more her TV viewership ratings has been steadily high. She always presented herself as this outgoing, friendly who usually self deprecating herself and pulling pranks on her guest. She was also giving away stuff obviously from Sponsors and people really liked her.

Now that this paedophilic nature of showbiz has suddenly exploded on everyone’s face all of a sudden some of the most beloved stars are getting tagged along with everyone else. If all these allegations are indeed true then they don’t need mercy. The most vile thing to do to anyone’s life is to destroy it while it is still learning how the world works. Children trafficking is the worst kind and different kind of evil.

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