What you dont know about Record label contract

Record label

Nigeria is blessed with lots of creative and talented music artistes, music producers, DJs and music managers especially music artist. But the truth about it is, being talented is not everything. The finishing point and the juicy part of all these creative glamour are getting the right and due reward accorded to them after they have inspired and positively affected the masses with their intellectual creativity and art.

     Record labels are really good and go a long way to help music artist achieve their dreams, get empowered and hit the big bang in the music industry.

      But some of these record labels are dangerous exploiting traps that lure these artistes with promises, exploits their intellectual rights and hold them bondage with contracts which is draining and unfair on the part of the artiste.

       It is not enough to just be talented. An artiste should be enlightened in different aspects of music law especially music contracts in general.

      Types of contracts include recording contract, production contract, multiple rights contracts (360), management contract, performance contract, band partnership, etc. It is very important for an artist to be enlightened in these different types of contracts so they would be informed and know the kind of contract a record label presents to them and make a decision to accept the contract or not.

      It is also very important for an artist to get a good lawyer whose area of the core is intellectual property and entertainment law so you can be legally guided and will be able to be represented well during the contract negotiation process between you and the record label.

     Last but not the least, a music artist, especially an upcoming artiste should be able to get their stage names or music names registered as a trademark to avoid being his copyright to be infringed on.


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