What Women Check that Men dont Realize

Women Check alot of things in every guy they meet and today we want to take a look at some of those things they check.

  • Strong legs: I was going on dates with this guy, but when I saw his calves I actually got turned off. Kind of shallow, but he had some really weak scrawny legs. I hated it. On the other hand, strong legs are always sexy.
  • Shoulders: Yeah. They love strong, broad shoulders.
  • How appreciative you are: Do you say thanks to them for cooking a really good meal? Do you notice if they take the time to look extra pretty for a date? Do you say thanks when they take your car to the wash or send a Jimmy John’s delivery when you’re stuck at work? Saying thank you is free and makes them feel so good.
  • How your hands fit together: Hand chemistry is definitely a thing. They love how it feels holding their boo’s hands. They could literally hold them all day, every day, and if it weren’t inconvenient they would. Something about having smaller hands than the man their with has always been appealing.
  • Eyelashes: You men have crazy eyelashes. Maybe because you’ve never worn mascara? Either way, their jealous.
  • Taste in music: Compatibility is pretty important on this issue. They’d better overlap at least a little or this is going to be a long life together.


  • Relative size and appetite: Six packs are way overrated. They like strong men that are bigger than them and they honestly don’t care if they have a little fat on their belly. Women also really like when men have a good appetite and enjoy food.


  • How you smell: This is totally strange but I’m so attracted to my husband’s sweat. They will even wear his shirts after he wears them, especially when their missing you. Just so they can smell his scent.
  • How you treat kids and animals: One thing they love about their man is how sensitive he is to animals and little kids. He always talks and plays with kids. He loves to make them laugh. And the other day a horse almost poked itself on some barbed wire when he was petting it. He felt so bad for it and made sure it didn’t get hurt. That’s what women love to see you do.
  • Style: This is not make-or-break for them. Most ladies are not a very on-trend person. But certainly notice when a man has a knack for choosing unusual clothing that suits his personality. Stylish men, keep it up.

This and lost more are who women check that you don’t get to know.



Written by faith Balogun for megline magazine

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