Want to be an instagram blogger, Check this

Blogging is one of the most lucrative jobs in Nigeria and the world but for you to be a blogger you need a website.

We can see successful bloggers like Linda Ikeji, etc.

The major reason for blogging is to bring news and other gossips to our door step but in today’s world it has been made easier through Instagram blogging.

Becoming an Instagram blogger does not really need much work, all you need to do is just to turn your Instagram Page into an entertainment site. Post things like celebrity gossips, politics, sports, lifestyle etc.

Just like a normal blog, consistency really matters in every blog because that’s what brings traffic or followers to your blog.

Tundeednut is an Instagram blogger who is very successful with what he do which is being controversial. Instablog, gossip milli , tweetsavage etc are all Instagram blogs that are successful today.

All you need to start an Instagram blog is just an Instagram Account and consistency, make sure you give a current news with good source before you will end up behind the bars.

Alot of times people find it hard to go to any website just to read news but Instagram have made everything easy for us, what ever update you wish to get will always be on instagram.

Alot of Instagram bloggers even make more money than those who blog on their website. Bloggers are now having Instagram account so to bring people down to their website with a fresh news.

One of the keys to surviving as a blogger is to bring, fresh, true and sweet gossip to the table, copy and paste might not really fancy people but creating your own content is what really matters.