In the music industry, it is believed that if you are not signed you will not blow or make it in the music industry and upcomers are busy rushing to be signed.

Upcomers are one the people that rush just to be signed without considering the conditions in the contract and that is why you get to see artist having issues with their record label and when they leave the label, you coming up again will be very hard.

Lets take a look at the life of Mr Eazi, Phyno and the rest who worked their fame out by themselves, they were not signed to any record label.

Phyno started Penthauze without anybody signing him to any record label unlike other artist that who are waiting to be signed to one record to another.

When Mr Eazi was still an upcomer, people thought he was signed to Starboy Entertainment when he first released his song (leg over) of which Wizkid gave him backup but the truth is, Eazi made it in the industry by hard work and coming out with good vibe.

The point here is, before you think of being signed to any record label you should really think of things that might come out, look at the contract if possible go with your lawyer before accepting any contract that is if you have one proposal.

Take a quick look at the life of Caften Alancha, a popular fast rising indeginous rapper coming from Ebonyi State who is currently signed to Dan Sylvester Record. Lets be realistic, Caften had more fame, more fan base in South East when he was on his own than now that he is signed.

Any sound coming from Caften was really hyped and loved by his Fans but currently Caften is no where to be found.

Record deals can destroy your musical career and can also make it better, it depends on the label. Dont rush to accept the record deal when you have not studied the terms of the contract. Its better You build your self in the industry, pay your dues and make good vibes than you going into a record deal and be destroyed.

Before any upcoming artist will think of accepting any deal, he or she should should think of Cynthia Morgan and May d.

May D was seen as a legend by davido but today mayD is looking up to Davido to survive in the industry while Cynthia Morgan is still Struggling to rebuild her career.

All this is caused when you are in the business with the wrong people. Be wise and read the terms of the contract before Accepting.

Advice: upcomers please Dont rush, just make good vibes and the world will listen to your sound.

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