Top 5 photographers in Ebonyi

Base on popular votes, this is megline ranking of top 5 photographers in Ebonyi State.

The reason why this people are selected is due to how professional their work is, You can check them out on Instagram

5.  Target

A student of Alex Ekwueme University known by his brand name Target Photography is taking the number 5 spot in the city. When it comes to giving out good pictures, target is the plug. He started with retouching pictures to becoming a professional photographer.

4. Ario Stories

Ario would better be referred to as a Nature photographer, Every of his photography has a very strong message attached to it. Very creative and natural. The speed at which he rised in his career is just so amazing.

3: Yungluv

Yung love is not just a photographer, he is also Music Director (video), though his pictures are mostly a modelling type of picture but it speaks very loud. He has a very large fan base in the city and his works are highly appreciated


2. Larry Gold

if you have ever taken picture with Larry Gold, you would see what is called creativity, he do not only take good pictures, he turns bad pictures to become the best.

1. Latro

When it comes to photography, the boss of them all is Latro, one need not tell you that latro is a boss in the game, on coming into photography since 2017, he has been able to prove that he is the best, his pictures are creative, has a message and the clarity is not compared. From Record, he has the largest fan base in and around Abakaliki.

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