The untold hardship (chapter 1)

Man is born free but is held in chain by his fellow man through the instrumentality of the law. This boils down to the fact that man is always faced with an untold hardship, melted against him by his fellow man through the instrument of the law, applicable to a particular jurisdiction.
A voice is crying in the forest against this unknown mayhem  prevalent in our society today. Nations are against nations for power , man has turned a predator against his fellow man, the future of the future generations to come has been in shamble. This is highly epitomised by the tunes of the birds in the forest.
A nation has over the years now seen suppressing the emergence of another nation which many believed could bring freedom to the other segregated nations to come. Ethic jaundice, tribalistic cankerworm and social disunity have eaten deep in our system.

Opportunities are no longer there for there for those aspiring to be known for something in the society.
Terrorism, maiming and what have you have taken over the day. It is no longer “an oil spillage” rather , it is now “a blood spillage” everyone is afraid to talk on these issues Because of the fear of the unknown.

The ultimate question still remains what are the immediate of these problems? Laws are made on daily basis for the preservation of lives and properties.

However, these laws are only written down without being implemented because of the fear of the unknown.
This hydra-headed monster known as tribalism had caused many rising nation major set backs. What an untold hardship.



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