Prodigy in the Room; Yarden is blowing hot


When was your first “it” moment? You know that instant when you heard a brilliant new artist and you remember exactly where and when you were as the hairs on your back stood? That moment when you instantly knew that you were witnessing the birth of a bona fide star? My first “it” moment was at Bar Fusion on Cottingham Road, Hull in December 2010 when the DJ put on a track called “Don’t Dull” by a rookie Nigerian artist called Wizkid.

I had never heard of Wizkid or his music before, but less than a minute into the song, my friends and I found ourselves on the dance floor gassing our heads off to this unknown song that absolutely slapped. 

This was a hit and we instantly knew it. Nine years later, history has been made but I have never forgotten that feeling of stumbling into pure musical talent and knowing that you are witnessing history.

The intervening period has seen no shortage of new artists promising a lot and delivering what ranges from very little to a fair bit.

I had not felt that rush of excitement when discovering a new artist until I stumbled across a song called ‘Wild’ earlier in the year.

I was having lunch at a restaurant and the music video came on. Five minutes later, with my food still untouched and losing heat, I was furiously Googling ‘Yarden ’ because “Wow, who is this kid?!

This will be the second time I will be shouting wow, who is this kid?! Because Yarden is blowing hot.

Yarden is a young talented artist under Etins Record. The young artist has been able to bring himself to the scene after releasing a hit song WILD. Download the song and join me in the spirit lane lol.



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