Meet our Crush of the month, Victoria Johnson Oluchi


Victoria Johnson Oluchi is an entrepreneur and the CEO of beauty Lounge which was first established in Ebonyi State before it moved to other States.

In a chat with Megline Magazine, she was asked of the kind of person she would hire to work for her 

“it’s best I hire someone with an outlook that matches my brand and also important to make sure the person I hire follows the way I present myself to the customers”

She further explained how she treats her customers, that is making their happiness her priority.

“I listen to my customers, I try to avoid any unnecessary arguments with them, as I listen I take the opportunity to build rapport with the customer”

Sometimes people wonder how she gets her customers, she said “target the right audience, Ask for referrals, new clients discounts, build brand awareness with the

There was a rumour that beauty Lounge has closed in Ebonyi State, she went ahead to tell people to disregard the information 

“beauty lounge still functions but we actually moved to a new location in Enugu state”

Victoria has been in her salon and wig selling business for four years and if she was not in the beauty sector she would have been in the banking sector 

“We already have 2 branches (Abia and Enugu state) but we looking forward to having more in other states”

she equally told us that she has a huge project coming up soon and people should wait for this mind-blowing project and she will be releasing them slowly


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