Major Styles: Building a Fan base is one heavy challenge

Major Styles

Major Styles is a music artiste, known for his rap nature, he has released songs which has been a hit including working with one of south is finest TIDIZ.

On this interview with Major Styles, we talked about his challenges, what’s next for him and how he came about the name Major Styles.



The name Major Style, how did you form it

Ist of all, its spelt Major Styles

Uhhm getting it was outta love and passion for WWE wrestler AJ Styles so I just took the Styles from his name and added Major to it. Lol.When did you actually start music and what inspired you

I had my ist record in 2016. Was more like testing the mic for me… Lol
I did it with one of my homies then named *Nature*
I got inspired by the love one of my friends Donsmart was getting back in Secondary school so I decided to show everybody that I can be that good too. Lol When I tell people this, they all say I got inspired outta Jealousy buh its not true.

Let’s talk about your mentors.. who are your mentors and why did you choose them

Okay I so much admire Phyno for so many reasons. He’s a big Mentor to me coz he’s showing us regularly that we can conquer against all odds.
I admire Skales and Olamide too
They’re my big OGs in the game.

What are the challenges your fac9ing in your career As an artiste

The major Challenge is always revolving around the Finance.
And again, its not easy to get people listen to your sound no matter how good they are. Building a Fan base is one heavy challenge too

What do you think should be changed about the music industry

I think the only I thing I want to be changed now is how people think.
It might not be as it seems buh there’s Racism in the industry
Either coz you’re a rap artiste or coz you’re from a particular tribe… The Artistes are good. Its just the fans that create the confusion.

What’s next for you

Upgrade !!!!!!

Believe me God ghat my back and when its my time, even Moses will stay behind me when I’m cross the sea

We have seen prove of you having chat with some celebrities, what’s stopping you from have a collab with one

God’s time has always been the best… Y’all want collaborations right ?
Major Styles will give them to you just be patient.

Which of your songs do you think gave you the most Popularity

Uuhm there’s a song I did with another rapper Tidinz. I got so many nice comments from people known and unknown after that track. I even got to know big people and got booked for shows after that track. I think for now it has been topping the chart