Look Natural With Make-up

Look natural with Make up

Look Natural With Makeup
Looking at it, natural makeup seems easy, which means little effort, right? I hope so.

No matter the makeup kit you use the only thing is to know how to blend them.

One way to get a more natural base, is to mix a little moisturizer into your foundation. It’ll dial down the coverage and give skin a natural finish.

A tip to ensure a more natural finish when using concealer, is to look at yourself in the eye when applying.

Start by Perfecting Your Skin

So that makeup blends in easily first, wash with water, leave to dry then wipe with a cleanser and a cloth to gently remove from face, doing this will allow the makeup to sink in the face.

Moisturize Skin Tone
The fastest, most natural way to do this is with a tinted lotion, which will also contain sun protection. Because it’s sheer, you don’t have to match it to your skin exactly, as you have to do with the foundation. You can even go slightly deeper to warm up your complexion, Apply it like a basic moisturizer.

Conceal Any Flaws
For visible breakouts or deep black circles, use a pigment-rich concealer, use a small amount of concealer to avoid extra cakey face apply just the right amount of makeup. The main aim is not to use too much concealer. For blemishes, dab, blend, and build up coverage in thin layers. For dark circles, swipe the wand under your eyes, then pat with a finger to blend.

Use Powder If Needed

If your skin gets oily, follow with an oil-absorbing powder. (Note that If you have an oily skin, skip the tinted moisturizer and use only concealer and powder.)

using a brush and a circular motion; this will leave an undetectable veil of cover-up (not a powdery look).

Pick a Warm Cheek Color for Blush
Cream blushes in warm peaches or pinks. Cool pinks, on the other hand, look more made-up.


To make sure you’re using the lightest touch, do your makeup in daylight, if possible. Prop up your mirror near a window.

Eye Shadow

A soft, brownish tint enhances your eyes’ natural contours without showing up as shadow. “Choose a shade slightly darker than your skin.

Brush it into the creases and along the lower lashes, making sure there are no hard edges.”

For extra eye brightening to the centers of the lids, the brow bones, and the inner corners of the eyes.

Eye Liner (Optional)
If your eyes need a little extra definition (or you want a slightly less bare look for evening), lightly stroke a soft gray or brown pencil between the top lashes.


To get a pretty tint (that also lasts), pick a shade that matches your lips exactly and press the color into your lips with your fingertip rather than applying it directly from the tube. Concentrate it in the center and blend out.

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