Lil 6at is Still Kinging With His 4 Songs Ep

6at is still kinging with his 4 songs ep

LIl 6AT is Still Kinging With the 4 songs Ep
Though abit old but trust me, if you ever listen to 6at give you a freestyle you would love him.

All I can say is that 6at is still kinging with the 4 songs Ep.

When i first heard 6at, i really needed to know how the name came to be, I wanted to know the history behind the 6at. Well I guess I got the answer.

In an interview with Raptology, 6at said “: I would never sleep at night.

I’ll be up doing all types of things recording chilling and eventually fall a sleep around 9am.” Lol how funny is that reply.

6at born is Savannah GA and moved to Atlanta right after his high school.

Be then moved again to Mahattan in New York, after spending 2 years there fighting for his career, he finally moved to LA where he is currently.

6at also went further to explain why he first started music

” At first it looked cool but then I realized most the time when you a rapper you telling your story it’s art and I love art.”

Inspired by the hits of Future and lil Uzi vert, 6at have continued to make more hits than we expected.

Starting from the stretch as an upcoming artist is really tiring and not funny at all but guess what, 6at is still kinging.

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