Katlego Lodney Mukansi; the brain behind Kat Photos

Katlego Lodney Mukansi

Katlego Lodney Mukansi is the CEO of Kat photography service, a young focussed fellow, who is known for his nice and creative picture

Katlego Lodney Mukansi  started photography in 2015 when he takes pictures for his organization free, in 2017 he decided to go into photography properly and turn it into business.

In a chat with Megline Magazine, Katlego said he use photoshop to do all his editing and thats why it comes out perfect.

When asked how he handles troublesome clients he said

” Clients can be troublesome atimes but what you need is patience and understanding the attitude of different kind of people”

He was futher asked of the celebrity he would really want to work with he said ” the celebrity I wanted to work with is king monada, I do shoot him pictures on stage and send it to him free but three years ago I got his attention and he called me, I went to his house and now I’m his personal photographer, now I really want to work with Casper Nyovrst.

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