If money is not important to you, it is to me, prince to lucy

Prince andd lucy

Prince, Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemate, has told fellow housemate, Lucy, how important money is to him.

He warned against any attempt, not just by Lucy, but anyone else to stop him from winning money in the lockdown house.

Prince, who was pissed by Lucy’s unwillingness to participate in tasks with cash rewards, said he was not in the house to fool himself but to make good use of every opportunity.

If I’m trying to win something and I see somebody impeding on my success I’ll get pissed off,” he told Lucy in presence of Erica and others.

“I’ll come against that person. And if you don’t take the tasks seriously, I will,” he warned.

“If you don’t want to do it, I will. If money is not important to you, I will…I said it is the money that is important to me,” he stressed.

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