I challenge Umahi to open any shop and see – Nnamdi Kanu (live broadcast)

I challenge Umahi to open any shop and see was the exact word Nnamdi Kanu used on live broadcast at Biafra Radio

We ealier update that the governor of Ebonyi State, Gov. David Umahi gave a condition to traders in his words he said “open your shop tomorrow or forfeit it”

The leader of the indigenous people of Biafra has challenged the governor of Ebonyi state to open any shop on monday, ahead of Biafra Rememberance day.

In this words he said

I challenge David Umahi to open any shop tomorrow

He made this known in a life broadcast via Biafra Radio. Listen below

Alot of killings has been happening in the eastern part of Nigeria and more is expected to happen tomorrow as the Biafran group are warning everybody to stay at home

More update soon