Why Headies Award Nominations For 2021 is Highly Criticised


Why Headies Award Nominations For 2021 is Highly Criticised is one topic that have really been trending in my dm so I decided to share my view about this.

When you look at it closely, the impact of headies Award over the years has warned.

Previously, every artist coveted to win one award or even solicit for votes.

During arguments, fanbase will always use the number of headies won as a factor or valuable point over the opposing side.

But who cares about the Headies any longer ?
Beside it is the reason why many artist haven’t even passed a message to appreciate their nominations or even had time to acknowledge the nominations.

An award that a loss won’t even pain anymore, compared to how people would cry when they win or spark if they lost.

But while the headies have been in wrong side but this time I guess they got it right


1: Sarz Finally Nominated
Checking through sarz discography, the talented producer have spent decades knocking hits for wizkid and Reminanice without recognition from Headies.

The last one year saw him push push through his debut project SINYM and also the wonder of collaborative project with world. Would be happy to see him win this one.

2: Brymo Bragging Earned him some noms

Maybe we would rest a little but who knows if he would have nicked those Nominations if he didn’t brag about being the best artist earlier last year.

3: No Burna Boy Song in song of the year is actually a correct decision
Looking at the last projects of Burna Boy, you will discover that there is no standalone hit. Why do I mean?
Those Album was crafted cohersively, you could understand them with each song having a transition to another.

Perfectly complimenting to the theme of the Album. It also means that my favourite song in African Giants might be Collateral Damage, yours might be spiritual while another persons own might be Anybody.

Same thing with the recent project, TWICE AS TALL. Albums are created to give you an experience at the time length.

Just like your watching a movie, you might remember a part of the movie because it is the best scene for you.

No hit from the two Album, you say?? Yeah the headies got it right but that does take away the fact that TWICE AS TALL is the best Album of 2020.

4: No Alte Dominance this year.

It was actually amazing to see Odunsi, Santi and Sdc get those Nominations last year, thought SDC would win though.

But this year it seems like the Alte Dominance will be on a the decline Covid yeah.

While we chopped up numerous project from endless artist from the Alte Genre, non didn’t get into the mainstream but if you are asked to mention your top songs for the year I bet non of the Alte song will be an option.

5: Man, No Buju?

Starting to have a rethink about the deal he signed tho. He has been quiet till lately.


6: Bad boy Timz in Rockie of the year doesn’t seem right
Not a stan but Rockie of the year is usually given to any artist who drops a slept on Ep last year and had some glory this year isn’t just right. Why not vault him up for Next rated.

7: REMA AND JOEBOY in revolution of the year?
When did the rule change, revolution of the year is given to new artist with debut Album.

Then when did it include Eps of 4-5 songs?
8: oh my, No Laycon
At least a nom in the viewers choice category would have been nice. To appease the light bulb fans.
9: Bad Influence should have made song of the year category.
For real everyone had this song on lock during covid. It really deserved to feature in Song of the year.

I guess this is where I will end it for today, this is just my own observation, if claim otherwise kindly drop a comment.

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