Have you ever worn a dress that showed too much?

Only once. By accident!

My boyfriend had taken me out to dinner at a very nice, expensive restaurant and I was wearing my favourite dress. I also had on a pair of brand new ballet style flats.

The dress was pretty and stylish, the hemline came to about mid-thigh and it wasn’t very low cut in the front or back.

I’ve never really felt comfortable wearing provocative clothing or something too revealing.

Anyway, on our way to be seated, I slipped in my new shoes with the slick soles and fell on my ass while my legs went flying up in the air.

My boyfriend later told me that he saw a lot of people laughing at me behind my back after the maître d helped me to my feet and we continued to our table.

Good thing I was wearing my best panties!

Written by Rebecca Erica 

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