Enemies After Break up – It Needs To Stop

Break up to Enemies

The long time trend of becoming enemies after breakups actually need to stop like it doesn’t make sense at all.
One of my friend started dating this girl in his 100 level in the University, the relationship was a big trend, it was magical, sweet, oppressing.

We hated to stay with the guy because of the way he made us look like we are not we are hopeless without a babe.
I could remember when we went for boys day out, this guy left us to start talking to his girlfriend and small time we saw one girl in our table.

aahh bro, this is boys day out na, even for boys dey out you dey oppress us.

As if that was not enough this guys started kissing and told me to video them like wtf (lol) like I dont deserve to kiss now, I wanted to reject but bro code na so I had to calm down.

Just one month into their relationship this sweet couple started having issues and eventually broke up though the reason for the broke up was never told.

They became enemies, they dont talk to each other, they dont behave like they know each other before.

Like what exactly is wrong with this generation, what will it take from you to be talking to your ex.

He or she wont stop you from eating or stop you from chasing your money, I have actually seen people who broke up and became best of friends which is very sweet.

When we asked the guy why he stopped talking to his ex, he said he have no reason to talk to her and both of them can never be friends again.

Like for real I feel like using the F word but I can’t to avoid stories that touches the heart.

It’s time we stop this childish behaviour of not talking to your ex because you broke up, someone you know your not ready to marry.

Some of them even come up with the excuse that the girl ate their money and left them, the time made up your mind to date, dont you know you will take care of the girl abi you want her to suffer.

This generation need to understand that break up doesn’t mean you people are over in life, try to make them friends and vibe with them only that it comes with limit.

The whole theory of enemy after breakup is not just right thing.

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