Comedian Sir One-on-One;Becoming a king, One Step at a time

The Unexpected Success of Sir One on One comedy skits made popular by fans who love him on social media lead to a sequence of Recognition in and around the country, the hilarious comedian One on One is slowly commanding a global fan base that is consuming his comedy skit at a record pace.

Like the saying, Lightning never struck in the same place twice,But one well placed lightening strike is enough to make its presence memorable.

The Fast Rising Comedian know of this fact too well with his sudden rise to global stage due to his skits
Infact, just mention his name One on One anywhere, and everyone will start laughing, we have been wondering how he came about the name and moved to have a chat with him and this is what he told us .

For the name One on One, I gave myself the name because I like to do things Face to Face, I hate talking about people at their back, so if i have something to say to you, I will Say it to your face, and if I have something to do, I Will do it to the person directly, and I think that’s the way it’s supposed to be”

One on One have been a standup comedian since 2017 and have/still shutting down stages with his hilarious jokes. Upon transition to wearing a female dress for his skits, we needed to know why he choose the female style of dressing and we were awed by his answer.

“I choose to go with the costume I use, because my Mum is my Biggest fan. She is the Best Comedian I have ever known, infact 80% of my comedy on stage ,is all about Family and it falls back at my mum’s performance and Character. I choose that, because its easier for me. Also,the costume shows the typical character of an igbo woman, I want to promote the Igbo Culture, I want to promote the family and the igbo women ways of life.

His peculiar skits coupled with his many years of hardwork had not gone completely unnoticed fellow celebrities make tictok challenges with his comedy skits and he also received numerous Awards .

Now we wonder, If he was not in the Entertainment industry,or if he is not a comedian, what would he probably be doing, that’s one question we always take notice of whenever we are having a conversation with celebrities . When One on One was asked he simply replied

If I was not in the Entertainment industry I would be in business big time, I would be going outside the country to bring goods and sell to people in large quantity, that is wholesale because I love money, I hate poverty. Apart from this two I will go into teaching because teaching has to do with talking. I love talking”


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