Comedian sir 1on1, Rising To The Global Map.

Comedian sir 1on1
Comedian Sir 1on1: Rising to the global map. On our new edition of Megline Magazine we have comedian sir 1 on 1 on the cover

I could remember when I first heard a hilarious joke about palliative, it was do hilarious that I had to go search for Comedian sir 1on1 on Instagram to see what his been up to.

Watching more of his jokes made my day and since then he has been not just my favourite but a whole lot of others.

Just the other day I watched a joke of where Destiny Etiko was using 1on1 comedy skit for tiktok challenge.

Been trying to find out the secret behind his female dress in his comedy, but in all, it’s all for the comedy.

His concepts are totally different from the regular thing others do, I have seen comedians who do cross dressing but will always have son or daughter but sir1 comedy is totally different

Watch all his comedy, critically look at it, it has one social vis its talking about and that is one of the reasons I love him.

Check this comment “if you like, hide your girlfriend like palliative, boys go still find her and chop her” looking at that statement you will discover he did not only tell you the truth, he made it very clear.

At the centre of it all, Comedian Sir 1on1 is the next rated comedian we should watch out this 2021.