Chike and Johnny Drille who is better?

Chike and Johnny Drille

Chike and Johnny Drilleare two Nigerian musician that ventured in the same music genre (Alternative folk), their sound is so good that you wont have any choice than to put it on repeat.

John Ighodara popularly known as Johnny Drille’s spotlight came to live when he did the cover of aww by di’ja. He is currently signed to mavins record and he has been making hit this include Halleluya featuring the superstar Simi and lots more.

Chike on the other hands started his career when he paticipated for the Nigerian reality competition Project Fame West Africa in 2015 and also in the talent competition TV show The Voice Nigeria Season 1 finishing runner-up on the show. Chike is currently signed to ADED.US / Nkosi Chike, chike.

Alot of comparisms have been made to know who is better between Chike and Johnny Drille. The two singers are great not minding the fact that Johnny drille is well lnow and has more hand that Chike but Chike is bag of talent, his songs melts the hard and passes a strong message.

One difference between Chike and Johnny Drille is that Johnny most deals on love songs whereas Chike Song is the one that has the inspiration, listen to soldier by Chike.

In that song he was able to tell how a mother cries anytime the son is going for war, telling the son not to go because if he die, to the army is just one man down but to her all is gone.

Johnny drille will write a song that really talks love and connection, Helleya featuring Simi is a perfect example of what Johnny Drille do.

Johnny is a great Singer and Chike is also a great Singer, one similar thing about them is their voice, you hard recognize who is who because of the similarity of their music which is totally different from the regular music we hear every day.

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