Chelsea Vs Man u: the fight for top four

Chelsea vs Man u


The top 4 struggle of the premier league is the biggest fight among fans of Chelsea and manchester united.

Right from the beginning of the season, Manchester United gave Chelsea a bad welcome to premier league by beating them 4:0 but chelsea didn’t lose hope rather there rised from grass to grace, from zero to the top three which is something to write home about.

Chelsea Vs Man u

Knowing fully well that Chelsea and Manchester United are big rivals in the world of football, chelsea is currently passing Manchester United with a little point of which a win from Man U will rise them to 3rd and Chelsea 4th.

Following the draw between manchester united and Southampton at old Trafford, Chelsea Fans are super happy that Man u didn’t win the Match as it has kept them in third position and manchester united still in 5th position.

A critical look at the premier league table, if Chelsea Should loose in their next match and Man U on the other hand wins their match, chelsea will still come down and man u will climb.

The struggle became more challenging ever since Manchester City’s 2 years Champions league ban was lifted.

Liverpool and  Man City are sure of going to champions league while the struggle for the remaining two continues between three clubs Manchester United, Leicester city and Chelsea.

Chelsea still have some games to play before the end of this season while Manchester United also have about three games left.

The fans of the two team have been on a loggerhead ever since the beginning of the season and at this tight moment the team are working very hard just to know if they can enter the top 4.

From prediction, Leicester city is likely to lose in the race while chelsea or man u enters 3rd and 4th.

They will still be another Chelsea vs Man u match on Sunday 19th July 2020 for FA cup semi finals. Stay tuned.

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