5 unnecessary questions Women Ask in a Relationship

Questions are asked for the sake of obtaining information that will help the person get a better understanding of something or affirmation to what they know already.

However, in a marriage relationship, there are questions that are meant to be kept under the carpet to avoid arguments or feelings of low esteem.

Some questions

have led to the break-up of relationships.

We are all wired differently when it comes to perceptions, ideas, knowledge and understanding.

Here are a few selected five unnecessary questions women ask their men:

Do you notice any change in my appearance?

Asking your man if he noticed anything different in your appearance is like him taking you to his car and opening the car hood and asking you what you notice.

This kind of question is definitely going to generate a response that will insinuate a lot of things to you and thus leads to an argument.

The way I see it, this is a setup question women bring up to psych their men mostly to know what he feels about them.

The problem with this kind of question is that most men are likely going to say the wrong thing because he doesn’t want to demolish your own poor self-image if you constantly think negative about how you look.

Give your husband the ability to affirm you without feeling like they are going to get in trouble if they get it wrong.

Do you think this dress makes me look fat?

This is a stupid question because the man will never give you an honest answer and you don’t want to know the honest answer to this question. Men do not fall for that trap because she doesn’t want the honest truth.

Why not check out your weight yourself? Even if you are big, he wouldn’t tell you because he doesn’t want you to feel bad so he pretends like he is not seeing it.

Struggling with weight is something that many women will deal with at some point in their lives between pregnancy and menopause.

This is your insecurity messing with your mind. It makes you want to be affirmed by your husbands.

‘So what are you thinking?’

Never ask a man the above question when he is watching his favorite football game. You are likely to get blank stares.

With men, this question is about timing. Part of learning to tolerate one another is learning to embrace what is important to the opposite sex. We need to learn to ask better questions with better timing.

‘Do you think that woman is prettier than me?’

Never ask your man if another woman is prettier than you, he will give you the wrong answer.

He will never give you an honest answer to that question so that he doesn’t hurt your feelings which will likely make you feel insecure.

Comparing the beauty of another woman who you already think is prettier than you will only put your man on the spot.

The only way he can answer it and not get in trouble with you is to say ‘what woman?’ Every woman has been woven together by her maker in heaven.

We have all made to be beautiful, no matter what our present cultural norms say.

Don’t ask your man what is wrong in a not relaxed mood?

A man walks into his house obviously looking stressed or worried. You don’t approach him immediately when he hasn’t yet taken off his clothes, bath and relaxed. You will not get a good response.

Communication and intimacy is something that women and men both value. Again, this question is about timing.

When you noticed such a situation, keep calm; it is not the best time for a deep conversation. Allow him to process, pray, and at least unwind from the day.