16 year old girl got raped by 30 men in a hotel


A 16 years old girl got raped by 30 men in the coastal resort of Eilat in Israel.

According to Israel time, the girl reported the case to the police and explained how she got raped by 30 men gang because she was drunk.

It was learnt that some of the men allegedly recorded the act on their phones which led to the arrest of a 27-year-old suspect.

The police revealed that the victim was not a guest at the hotel rather she just went out to have a drink with her friend when the incident happened.

It was also revealed that the men were lined up in front of the hotel before the girl got drunk, so far 2 people have been arrested as they await the medical examination in their custody.

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One of the victims revealed that the girl was raped by a larger number of boys but it was consensual.

The prime minister reacting to this incident on his twitter page said the incident is shocking. He said the crime is not just against the girl but against humanity and the people involved must be brought to justice.

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